Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dilly Beans

Last night I made dilly beans for the first time. It was also my first time canning. Thanks to my SIL, Mary, I'm hooked on her dilly beans. They are so yummy -- like dill pickles, except green beans instead of pickles. It took me awhile to find all of the supplies I needed, but I finally did and this is the result. I had about 6 lbs. of green beans and couldn't quite fit them all in the jars (as you can see from the space on the bottom of the jars, I didn't fill them as much as I could have). Next time I will do better. And, Mary -- I am happy to say that all of the jars are sealed as of this morning. Yea! Thanks for the coaching, sis!

And, here's the newest dilly bean eater in the family! This is one of Mary's jars that I opened a couple of weeks ago. Sabrina decided that she wanted to try them and now she's hooked!