Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Memories

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We spent a nice quiet Christmas with our small family of three..

I've been keeping notes the last 25 days to make my December Daily album. I am amazed how Ali and so many others not only put together the album in advance, but also keep up with this each day.. me? I'm just happy that I managed to document the stories, take photos and collect items for my album. I've wanted to do this for the past few years and never did. I am looking forward to hopefully working on it this upcoming week!

This is Sabrina on Christmas Eve, sitting with our giant Snoopy (notice I say "our")... he was mine until she was born and then she kind of decided that he is hers... oh well, it is nice to share, right?!

And, as I was backing up photos today, I ran across this her first photo with him, 7 years ago... Snoopy hasn't changed at all (he is actually still clean, too!), but Sabrina sure has...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be back with Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge sample on Monday night / Tuesday morning.