Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Rag Quilt Bag

About 3 months ago, I stumbled onto the idea of making a rag quilt using leftover flannel fabric (see this post). Sabrina has been "into" carrying a purse around and stuffing it full of just about everything she comes in contact with. All of my bags are too large for her, so I decided to make her a rag quilt purse for Valentine's Day.

I bought a few different rag quilt bag patterns here, then I decided to just wing it for her bag. Last night, I started by cutting small squares for the front and back, then I figured out what the measurements for the sides and bottom would need to be for it to all fit together. This morning I sewed it all together, snipped all of the exposed seams, washed and dried it. She likes to drape the handles over her head, so I just made sure that they were long enough to fit over her head comfortably. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo... my flash batteries died while I was taking the photo and my hands weren't all that steady.

Happy Valentine's Day!