Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brina Bop

Sabrina dressed up as Baby Bop (from Barney) for Halloween. I call her my little "Brina Bop". I include the clarification that she is a character from Barney only because when asked what she was going to be, several people asked who Baby Bop was. I know that Barney isn't that popular anymore, but Sabrina absolutely loves him. She wore the costume all night and only took it off before bed. In fact, she even wanted to wear it again this morning!

We spent Halloween hanging out with friends, all passing out candy to all the kids in our old neighborhood. There were lots and lots of kids! I completely forgot to take a trick-or-treat bag for Sabrina, but it was "Auntie" Lori to the rescue. I asked her for a bag, expecting a plastic Target or Safeway bag, and she produced a cute little felt pumpkin bag. Sabrina absolutely loved carrying it around. There were 4 big bowls of candy, so each time kids would come to trick-or-treat, Sabrina would stand up and fill up her bag, too. It was the cutest thing -- she didn't even want to go door to door. She figured she could sit and socialize and get her candy at the same time!

Trying on costume for first time (she insisted on wearing her orange t-shirt and socks, though).

She hammed it up for the camera for nearly 100 shots (yes, I am a psycho mom-with-a-camera) before finally telling me to put it away.

Guarding her loot