Friday, October 3, 2008

Please... Don't Say Cheese

For Photo Friday I'm sharing a few shots of Sabrina from last weekend. She really wanted to go in the pool, but it was a little too cold for Daddy (85 degrees) and almost naptime, so I told her that we could play outside for a little while and she could dip her feet in the pool. Of course, when I grabbed my camera, she grabbed hers (it was actually our very first digital point and shoot camera that we bought right before she was born), too. She was content to sit on the edge of the pool while I tried to get some shots of her without the cheesy grin which she is so fond of. I'm very thankful for digital SLRs and continuous shooting mode. I used to miss so many shots with my point and shoot and now (at least most of the time) I'm able to get a decent shot. Now if I could only get her to stop moving around so fast...

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