Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barney Came to Town

Sabrina absolutely loves Barney. I've been waiting and watching for his live show to come to town for the past couple of years. Every time I talked to people about it, they used to tell me the same thing, "Barney is out". Try telling that to Sabrina. A few weeks ago I happened to notice an ad for Kidsfaire coming to the University of Phoenix stadium and guess who was scheduled to appear... you guessed it -- BARNEY! I was pretty excited because I knew Sabrina would love to see him (Dan, not so much, but he reluctantly agreed to go). We went this past Saturday and were able to bypass the long line for tickets (luckily, I had pre-bought) and went straight to the main stage to get seats for the show. The Cabbage Patch Kids were performing and it was pretty loud; unfortunately, too loud for Sabrina. She freaked out. Dan took her away for awhile and she pretty much clutched onto him for the rest of the time. She was able to see Barney from behind the main seating area. He put on a good show -- he looked and sounded just like he does on TV. Hopefully she enjoyed a little of it!